The Heart of Cape Town & Peace Centre: A Vision for Social Transformation

The Heart of Cape Town & Peace Centre is an ambitious initiative driven by Uthando (Love) South Africa. It aims to harness the transformative power of love, peace, and kindness to foster social and economic development while promoting the rich cultural heritage of South Africa.

The Vision

Located in a picturesque building in Salt River, City Bowl area, or the Waterfront, the centre will be adorned with vibrant hearts of all sizes and colors. At night, the building will illuminate, creating a unique tourist attraction. Renowned artist,  Ras Silas Motse, will lead the painting project.

Skills Development and Job Creation

The centre will support local artists by providing a platform to create and sell handcrafted hearts. Laston Sachikonye, a skilled wire artist, will train and employ locals, establishing an entire industry around the heart motif. This initiative promises job creation and skills development, positively impacting communities in Delft and Dunoon.

Reflecting South Africa’s Story

The Peace Centre will offer an immersive experience showcasing South Africa’s journey of reflection, truth, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Through a photographic history, visitors will learn about the country’s transformation and the collective heart of its people.

Retail and Industry

The centre will feature a retail section with heart-themed merchandise, including wire hearts and clothing. Visitors can purchase these items, meet the artists, and order products online. Additionally, heart-shaped light fittings and other decorative items will be available, enhancing the visitor experience and promoting the heart theme city-wide.

Supporting Community Development and Nature Conservation

A portion of the profits will support Uthando South Africa’s community development and nature conservation projects. Visitors will have the option to donate to these causes, further expanding Uthando’s impact across South Africa.

Mobilising the Tourism Industry

The initiative aims to unite the tourism industry around a universal message of peace, love, and kindness. Tourism companies can purchase handcrafted hearts as gifts or souvenirs, promoting South Africa’s story of unity and reconciliation to their clients.

Ambassadors and Community Engagement

The Heart of Cape Town will engage influential figures in tourism and development as ambassadors to promote its message. High-profile supporters include Kevin Chaplin, Danny Diliberto, and Lucinda Evans. The project has also received positive feedback from international platforms like ILTM and WTM Africa.

The Tjommies Youth Development

The Tjommies, a vibrant youth group from Hanover Park, will play a significant role by spreading joy and positivity through their music and performances. With proper investment, they could tour schools and communities, inspiring others and promoting the heart’s message.

Global Outreach

The project envisions sending handcrafted hearts and messages of peace to global leaders and activists, symbolizing South Africa’s commitment to peace and unity. This gesture aims to propagate a global message of love and reconciliation.


The Heart of Cape Town & Peace Centre represents a bold and innovative approach to social transformation. By combining artistic expression, job creation, and community engagement, it aims to create a more harmonious and united world, starting from the heart of Cape Town.

This comprehensive initiative aims to create a lasting impact through art, culture, and community-driven projects, making Cape Town a city renowned for its heart and spirit.

For the full proposal document, click on the link below:

AI generated images reflect artistic impression what the Heart of Cape Town and Peace Centre and iconic heart landmark could look like.