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We all feel what other people are going through whether we are conscious of it or not.

At a deep level we are all affected by the horrifying and unimaginable tragedy of war, violence and division.

At a distance it appears there is not much that each of us can do, but in truth each and everyone of us can act as a “Lighthouse of Love, Kindness and Peace”.

This state of being comes from our HEARTS. We are all one. We are all Brothers and Sisters.

With all of our differences, arguments, disagreements and battles we have forgotten that we are all one life together.

The Heart of Cape Town, an initiative led by Uthando (Love) South Africa, passionately champions a profound message of Peace, Kindness and Love worldwide, whilst illuminating the truly inspiring and innovative work of South African community development projects and activists.

Hearts of peace, kindness and love are spreading ...