About The Heart of Cape Town

A Feel Good Project with a Do Good Mission

“Who doesn’t love a beautiful heart.”  

There is no doubt that we are living through extraordinary and momentous times. 

The world is a very, very strange place and it is going to get weirder by the day as this critical year unfolds.

Humanity must see and experience life beyond the current reality of war, violence, domination and deprivation in which we find ourselves.

The collective heart of humanity is in need of healing, of this there no doubt.

We are living through a confusing time of information, misinformation and disinformation in which truth is hard to discern.

The only truth we can trust is the truth that comes from living in our hearts.

Each and every human being on the planet today can and should play a role in shifting consciousness from fear to love, from war to peace, and this is done through healing our hearts, both at an individual and collective level.

The daily news and events that we bear witness to are unreal and surreal. The time for apathy is over. It is not business as usual in the world, surely this is evident from recent, current and unfolding events on the planet.

Let’s flood the world with hearts of all shapes, sizes and colours.

Let’s start a revolution of the heart.

A tiny little mosquito can keep a giant human being awake all night. What lesson can we learn from that?

A little effort goes a very long way, even if only 30% of humanity flood the world with hearts, we can shift the consciousness from war to peace.

We have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain, for the sake of our children, grand-children and future generations.

Let’s just love each other unconditionally during these stormy times.

Love comes from the heart. So, let’s spread love by flooding the world with hearts.

South Africa has proven, that through a process of Truth and Forgiveness, we can start to work towards Reconciliation.

Visitors from all over the world comment on the energy of the people in South Africa. Energy comes from the heart.

South Africa is a country with a very big heart.

We must have faith and believe that it is possible. We stand on the shoulders of giants and have good examples to follow. During dark times in history, visionary leaders believed that change was possible and devoted their lives, with faith and trust, that change would come.


James Fernie. Founder Uthando SA

Uthando means Love, and if there was ever a time in the world to propagate a message of peace, compassion and love, that time is right now. 

Let’s pay attention to the magic that surrounds us.


Hanover Park is a community ravaged by gang violence. The cycle of poverty, gangsterism and violence is seemingly never ending. More than 50 000 residents have been held ransom by gunshots and flying bullets, living in fear from almost every angle, every day. 

Local leaders from Hanover Park came up with this idea to try something different to try to shift the consciousness through illuminating hearts made and gifted with a deep and sincere intention of PEACE. These hearts would be placed in the windows of people’s flats in the courts of Hanover Park.

High quality photographs will be taken of the HEARTS in the windows at night, and through the network of hundreds of community activists, every single person in Hanover Park will see the photographs. It will be a big deal. The Heart of Hanover Park.

The residents of Hanover Park are exhausted from the many years of gangsterism and violence. The Heart of Hanover Park will be an invigorating, unique and exciting initiative to help shift the consciousness from violence to peace. What do the residents of Hanover Park have to lose by trying this initiative? Nothing.

What do the residents of Hanover Park have to gain from trying this initiative? Everything.

We all feel what other people are going through whether we are conscious of it or not.

At a deep level we are all affected by the horrifying and unimaginable tragedy of war, violence and division.

At a distance it appears there is not much that each of us can do, but in truth each and everyone of us can act as a “Lighthouse of Love, Kindness and Peace”.

This state of being comes from our HEARTS. We are all one. We are all Brothers and Sisters.

With all of our differences, arguments, disagreements and battles we have forgotten that we are all one life together.

The Heart of Cape Town, an initiative led by Uthando (Love) South Africa, passionately champions a profound message of Peace, Kindness and Love worldwide, whilst illuminating the truly inspiring and innovative work of South African community development projects and activists.

Hearts of peace, kindness and love are spreading ...